Monday, 17 March 2014


Yay! It's time to plan for summer camp again, and my blog is once again appropriately named.
Last year the little campers and I had such a great time, we are all eager to get started again. I have expanded the programming this summer, adding more dates and new camps. Don't worry though the old favourites are still around, in fact, I've added an extra week of Just Painting Camp, because once just wasn't enough last summer. I'm working out all the details and finalizing the dates, so if there is something your little person really wants to do, let me know, as there's still some flexibility in the scheduling. 
Here's a quick reference of camps, so if there is something you have to have, and you know there is a week you will be away, now's the time to speak up............That's the great thing about running a small, neighbourhood program. We set our own schedule, so everyone can join in the fun.

  • Fairy Princess Camp-because Princess Rosalind phoned and asked
  • Painting Camp 1 and 2-because one week just wasn't enough
  • Graphic Novel Camp-last summers surprise favourite
  • Horse Camp-a little slice of Heaven if you have a horsey kid
  • Hand-Makers Craft Camp-for kids who want to do it all