Thursday, 3 July 2014

There's been some changes for Magic Castle Camp

1. We have some knights/princes that will be joining us, to add some balance to our pinkness.
2. Like all my endeavors camp is a family affair, and I was able to book a specialist appointment for Bobby on Friday, (and you know how hard those are to come by) so camp will only be 4 days; Monday-Thursday.
3. Because it is only 4 days there is a price adjustment and the new price is $120

If you know any little people who like to create, we could squeeze in a prince or princess still.

Calling all knights and princesses, wizards and fairies. Please come for a week of creative discovery to the magic world of Once Upon A Time. We will be building a magic castle to take home, and creating our own fairy tales.Consider this your royal invitation. This camp will be very hands-on and full of making and make-believe.
July 7-11, 1-3:30    4-8 years  $150 

New Price: $120
New Date: Monday-Thursday
Same Fun!

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Once Upon a Time Fairy Princess Camp

Once upon a time there were a group of Fairy Princesses, and they all came to camp and made amazing arts and crafts. Are you one of those princesses? Well come on over to the Magic Castle and join us for a week of creative discovery. There will be magic wands and tutus and crowns.
Consider this your Royal Invitation.
July 7-11

Graphic Novel Camp

The Minecraft series by G age 8
 Last Years Surprise Hit Favourite

Parents your children have stories. Stories that they want to share. Last year I think even the kids were surprised at how great all their stories turned out. On the second last day of camp, I said to the kids 'we need another week, I feel like we're just getting started' .....and they all agreed!

Here's a sample of some of the works the kids came up with:

by Eddie age 7
G-wrote a graphic novel-a-day featuring Steve from Minecraft
E-wrote an opus about Speck of Dust Boy, a story that he has
continued writing all year
J-started writing about a young girl's travels around the world, which turned into a series
R and J-collaborated on an animal adventure story

Kids have stories.

July 14-18

All Painting Camp-week 1

One painter each day.

'Thanks for the inspiration Norval' by Miranda age 7

  • Jackson Pollack
  • Norval Morriseau
  • Emily Car
  • Wassily Kandinsky
 Except those painters will just be for inspiration and technique because what kids can create with a little guidance is amazing. Most kids don't need much help, they know exactly what they want to do, and often listen to our suggestions with patience before going off and doing what they had in mind all along. Creativity, experimentation, and limitless practice. (With a little bit of guidance on the side). That will be our week at Painting Camp-week 1
July 21-25
*sign up for both weeks for $300

Painting Camp 2

There are many reasons for a second
week of painting camp.,the least of which is momentum. Last year the more we painted, the more ideas we had for more paintings. This year we've added a second week for kids who want
to keep exploring who they can become as painters.  This camp will explore different types of painting..... a discovery of mediums. The plan is to develop our paintings, dig into details, and experiment. Or, we may just play around with lots of paint and paper. Limitless creativity. That's it.
July 28-August 1
*sign up for both weeks for $300

Horsey Crafts


The title say it all

We know all about horse loving kids at our house.
I was a horse girl, my two daughters are horse girls, a lot of their friends are horse girls. 
If you have a child who loves horses this will be the best week ever!
Here's what we're going to do. First, make lots of horsey people friends because every other person at camp totally gets what it's like to be horse mad and live in the city. Second, we will be creating our own horsey world. All campers will receive a Schleich horse and we will spend the week creating everything a horse needs. All the tack and accessories, a barn and anything you can imagine that goes with that. Also if there is time and inclination we will be either (or both) writing and publishing a graphic novel, or shooting a short film. That part of the week will be determined by the campers, I'm just here to guide and facilitate. Robyn will also be on hand all week to lead the fun, and teach glue gun mastery.

August 11-15
1-4 pm
9 years and up

Hand-makers Craft Camp

This is a camp for kids who love all kinds of crafts.
We will be sewing and painting and glueing. There
will be a little bit of art, a little bit of craft, and a
whole lot of fun. If your child loves doing all
kinds of crafts this is the right place to be. As
with all the camps, the focus is on fun, creativity,
and following the child's lead.

August 18-22
1-4 pm.
Ages 7 +

Monday, 17 March 2014


Yay! It's time to plan for summer camp again, and my blog is once again appropriately named.
Last year the little campers and I had such a great time, we are all eager to get started again. I have expanded the programming this summer, adding more dates and new camps. Don't worry though the old favourites are still around, in fact, I've added an extra week of Just Painting Camp, because once just wasn't enough last summer. I'm working out all the details and finalizing the dates, so if there is something your little person really wants to do, let me know, as there's still some flexibility in the scheduling. 
Here's a quick reference of camps, so if there is something you have to have, and you know there is a week you will be away, now's the time to speak up............That's the great thing about running a small, neighbourhood program. We set our own schedule, so everyone can join in the fun.

  • Fairy Princess Camp-because Princess Rosalind phoned and asked
  • Painting Camp 1 and 2-because one week just wasn't enough
  • Graphic Novel Camp-last summers surprise favourite
  • Horse Camp-a little slice of Heaven if you have a horsey kid
  • Hand-Makers Craft Camp-for kids who want to do it all

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Galloping in at the last second with stuff for crafty kids to do during March Break

For kids who don't want to spend their whole March Break doing, and parents who don't want their kids spending all March Break not doing, I'm offering two, half day March Break Camp programs.  Arts and Crafts in the morning from 10-12, and Painting Camp will be from 1-3:30 in the afternoon. If you need lunch supervision, arrangements can be made with helpful teen, Robyn. As with all the camps, the focus is on fun, creativity, and following the child's lead.

Arts and Crafts Camp

At Arts and Crafts Camp we will be doing a little of everything. I thought we would start with these adorable bendy dolls, then make some clothes, furniture, and accessories for them. We will spend a day sewing up a great stuffie, and we will pull out the paints for a day and make an 'about me canvas'. We'll finish up the week with what ever strikes our fancy, either revisiting something we really enjoyed from earlier in the week, or doing something new that we want to try. (I'm making a list in my head as I type this, and it's extensive, because there's always more crafts).........
 March 10-14
7 yrs and up


Painting Camp

Last year, I took my then 11 year old son on a teaching job where the activity would be doing a multi-media painting on canvas. While I set up, he took one of the canvases and started to play with the paint, he was playing and exploring and really enjoying himself experiencing the moment. But as with many things, something happened and he didn't like the result, and he painted a big X on the painting. I, of course being his mother, kept the painting because, 1. he doesn't make a lot of art for me to keep, and 2.  I, unlike him, really like it. When I look at that painting now and think back on that day I always think, what if he could have tried again the next day and the next day and the next day. Wouldn't he approach the whole idea of painting differently? Wouldn't he leave the judgement behind and try, experiment, and explore without worry? So that is what we are going to do at Painting Camp. We are going to paint, and paint and paint. All so we can try everything we ever wanted to do with paints, we will have the time and opportunity to try.

If you look under the X you can see what a cool painting that was happening.
Monday to Friday
March 10-14