Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Horsey Crafts


The title say it all

We know all about horse loving kids at our house.
I was a horse girl, my two daughters are horse girls, a lot of their friends are horse girls. 
If you have a child who loves horses this will be the best week ever!
Here's what we're going to do. First, make lots of horsey people friends because every other person at camp totally gets what it's like to be horse mad and live in the city. Second, we will be creating our own horsey world. All campers will receive a Schleich horse and we will spend the week creating everything a horse needs. All the tack and accessories, a barn and anything you can imagine that goes with that. Also if there is time and inclination we will be either (or both) writing and publishing a graphic novel, or shooting a short film. That part of the week will be determined by the campers, I'm just here to guide and facilitate. Robyn will also be on hand all week to lead the fun, and teach glue gun mastery.

August 11-15
1-4 pm
9 years and up

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