Friday, 10 May 2013

Camps For Bigger Campers 7 years plus

Anyone who wants to learn to knit is welcome to join us for four days of knitting camp. All supplies included to make a soft and warm scarf while learning how to cast on and off, and to knit and purl. **This camp comes with the waring that knitting can be addictive due to the variety of yarns available and large amount of fun involved.
1-3, Tues-Fri, July 2-5, 6 and up*…………………..$125

Paint. That’s what we’ll be doing most of the time. We’ll be using acrylics, watercolours, and mixed media. We’ll paint outside and inside. We’ll draw what we see and paint what we draw. We’ll paint what we imagine. Realistic and abstract. Quick sketches, and commitment pieces. We’ll mix colours and we’ll mix materials. This is a colour outside the lines, break all the rules camp. Exploration, creativity, and fun will be our focus for the week.
1-4 Mon-Fri. July 8-12  ages: 8* and up……………………$150

Step back in time to a place where all things were made from scratch. We’ll be doing lots of sewing, as we make a doll, with clothes and a quilt. We’ll spin some wool and pretend it’s 1850. Welcome to Little House on Morland Road Pioneer Camp.
10-12 Mon-Fri July 15-19, 6-10 year olds………$125

Captain Underpants, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, or Calvin and Hobbes,
will be the springboard for this week of camp. We’ll develop hero’s
and protagonists, good vs. evil, stories, pictures and sinister villains. Everyone will go home with their own self published book at the end
of the week.
Fun only. No work. Storytellers wanted. Realistic drawing skills NOT required.
1-4 Mon-Fri, July 15-19,  7* years and up…………………$150

The number one most popular thing I have ever taught is sock creatures. At sewing and knitting camp we will be sewing sock creatures, but we will also do some embroidery, we will expand those skills into whatever direction we like, whether it’s more sock creatures, dolls*, or accessories. Beginner knitters can learn basic skills making a scarf, while others can advance to a project of their choice. This will be a project based, child-led camp, focusing on hands-on skills. Open to everyone who wants to learn or improve their sewing and knitting. *I’m currently thinking about marionettes*
1-4 Mon-Fri July 22-26, 7* years and up…………………..$150

This is a great camp for kids who like to do everything. We will paint and sew, and make jewellery. A wide variety of materials will be used, with lots of room for kids to explore their own creativity. This is a very popular camp that kids keep coming back to year after year.
10-12 Mon.-Fri. July 22-July 26  7+ year …….$125 (5 days)
1-4 Mon-Thurs, July 29-Aug.1,  7 + years ……$150  (4 days)

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