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Bring out your inner artist while overcoming fears, blocks, and that irritating inner voice that whispers about not being good at art. This art journaling class is for everyone, whether you want to learn something new and different, or you want to reconnect with your creative side. We will be using painting, collaging, stencilling and stamping, then bringing it all together with a variety of creative lettering styles. There will be laughter, and there may be tears, but we will be expressing ourselves and that is always good. 
*Tuesdays 9-11:30 September 17-October 22 OR

*Wednesdays 9-11:30 September 18-October 23

6 weeks $100 all supplies included
Classes are held at 38 Morland rd. 



I am a big believer in journaling. It has helped me manage some difficult times in my life. I understand how very hard it can be to start a journaling habit, and to keep it up. I have learned some tips and tricks for fitting journaling into my busy life and the rewards have been immeasurable. I have journaled through births and deaths, romances and break-ups, kept track of great successes, and some epic failures. But it's all part of life, My life. That is why I have added journal writing to my course calender this fall, so you can make time to record some of your life too.
Journaling offers many other benefits also:
·          Clarifying your thoughts and feelings

·          Reduce stress
·          Get to know yourself better
·          Solve problems more effectively


With all the day to day busyness, parenting can be a tough job,. It is easy to forget to stop and notice all that is going on around us. Journal writing is a great way to stop and take notice of the important things. Whether it is to record all the little moments that get forgotten; or to get out some of the frustrations to better appreciate those good moments. You have a lot to say, and what you have to say is valid and worth writing down…for yourself and for your family.
*Thursdays 1-3:15, September 19- October 24
6 weeks $100 all supplies included
Classes held at 38 Morland rd

Journaling is a powerful tool to help you organize your thoughts to better understand yourself, others and the world around you. Give yourself space and time to express all that you have inside of you. Prompts, cues and games are used to get your pen moving, so there will be no 'blank-page panic'. Come and see how healing and creative journaling can be. Sharing optional.

Thursdays  6:30-8:30, September 19 - October 24
6 weeks $100 all supplies included

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